Looking for information on the loan and you need to know what can be done to get it? Interested in learning about the different options available to you?

Reading this guide on what to do to receive the loan with this institution, you will find out what are the different steps to follow and you will also get some useful advice.

Here’s what to do, read on.

How to get a loan


Also allows online loans to be requested, but the most reliable request method is in a branch. If you want to know the interest rates and the average amount of the installment to pay before applying for the loan, you can get a quick quote on the site.

Enter your details, the amount you need and the number of installments and you will discover the interest rate and the monthly payment. The estimate is used to orientate and both the installment and the interest may vary slightly at the time the loan is requested.

The data must be added in the specific form, we remind you that the estimate is free and is not binding. Remember that if you choose a lower installment they will increase the months needed to repay the amount and consequently the interest rates will also increase.

For this we remember to carefully evaluate the duration of the payment of the installments in order not to see too much money vanish in interest. To find out in detail what the many features of the Banco Posta loan are, you must request an appointment at the branch.

The Loan gives access to a loan from 3,000 to 30,000 euros with repayment times ranging from 24 up to a maximum of 84 months. The loan can be requested at any post office.

You can either request an appointment or go directly to a post office for information.

The guarantees required for the loan

Also for a loan, as for bank loans, there are guarantees to bring.

They are the same for everyone, even for those who are marked as bad payers or for those who have been protested. The mandatory guarantees to apply for a loan are the following:

  • the pension : which influences the duration and the number of the installments according to the age of the subject;
  • the pay slip : which allows one to obtain loans at advantageous rates;
  • salary-backed salary : which also helps bad payers or those who have been protested to have a loan. In this case the sum will be withheld from the salary or pension each month. Often the assignment of the fifth gives advantages and allows to have reduced interest rates;
  • the guarantee of a third party : which will be a guarantee. The third party can become the person responsible for the reimbursement of the sum instead of the applicant and can be a friend, relative or parent.

What you need to get the loan

Even to obtain the loan it is necessary to provide certain documents such as:

  • A valid identity document;
  • The pay slip, or the pension or the last tax return (only necessary for self-employed workers).

We remind you that these documents are necessary for everyone so even for those who have been protested and/or for those who are on the list of bad payers. You must not bring other documents.

Times to get the loan

For a commonly requested online you can have the money in about two days. Self the loan is requested directly at a branch of the Post Office, it will be a person in charge of indicating to the applicant the average waiting time to have a loan on the account.

It must be remembered that each case is different and that waiting times such as interest may vary.

Interest for the loan

Interest for the loan

As anticipated, interest may vary depending on the case. To know the interest rate you can make an online quote. If you prefer, you can also request a quote at the branch.

We remind you that the quote is free and that it is not binding. The budget helps you to know the TAN and the APR, then the interest rate and the synthetic total cost of the loan with the cost of the commissions.

Checking the TAN and the APR helps you choose the lowest ones and fit your needs. We advise you to do a research to compare the various interest rates and choose the most suitable ones for you.

And the subjects protested?

It is not certain that will grant the loan if you are protested or if you are on the list of bad payers. To find out if will approve your request, you can only ask for an appointment at the branch.

A person in charge will assess your specific case and decide whether or not to carry your file. What can you do to facilitate your loan application? You can offer a fifth of salary guarantee.

Generally, it is a guarantee that helps to get a loan even those who are on the list of bad payers or those who have been protested. The fifth assignment helps with repayment plans of up to 10 years and often allows for low-interest rates.

Loans for temporary workers


In general, both banks and credit institutions allow temporary workers to apply for a loan. Temporary workers have a few more constraints than permanent workers.

If you have a fixed-term contract and need a loan, you will need to ensure that the number of installments does not exceed the months of the contract you have left to work.

The additional conditions to be respected are the same as those for permanent workers.