Unemployment that hit Brazil hard in the midst of the economic crisis has affected several families, complicating financial planning and requiring setting priorities and also knowing where to turn.

At this time of need, it is good to know an institution that has a fast process, does not cover abusive interest and favors a win-win relationship with the client. We believe Just is one of them and we’ll talk more about it below.

Financial products offered by Just

Financial products offered by Just

Just’s key product is the online personal loan, which the company even hits the “fair” key – exploiting the brand name – and permeates its beautiful website.

The idea of ​​the system they offer is to create a register and connect your bank account to it. This credit analysis takes just 2 minutes or less and after that you can make a better based simulation than the usual ones, with a calculator that won’t necessarily bring values ​​that will apply to your reality and financial credits.

This experience remains 100% online until the end: after viewing the simulation, you can hire the service when you realize that the interest rates are actually lower and the monthly fees are less heavy.

So you can submit your documents to the platform and sign the contract, in a process that takes five minutes, according to the site.

Just works with banking partners, which also helps you get the best deal possible, as you can quote from different institutions. And besides, the money in the account drops rapidly, as we are talking about a need. The promise is a maximum of 30 hours for the money to be in your possession.

Just Presentation

Just Presentation

Credibility and ratings

Just managed to make a fuss with the revolution startup companies are making in the financial industry, winning the epithet of fintechs. The company has had coverage of the largest media outlets and is also concerned with showing its credibility by showing customer testimonials on the homepage of its website.

Is Just reliable?

The answer to that question is yes, Just is reliable and your personal loan is a good product. Based on good media coverage and excellent ratings, it soon becomes clear that the company is doing a good job with its most important asset, the customers.

It is also easy to note that the platform is safe and well thought out, very easy to use and with all the steps being made very clear, making the process a lot easier.

Corporate Council

Corporate Council

Just was able to offer a personal loan that is very easy to borrow and get, as the process is all done online, with clear steps and all backed by a secure system. Moreover, the fact that the quote is made in various institutions allows the best deal to be found.

We will always value the good financial product that can be purchased or at least provide your basic information over the internet using this wonderful technology at our service. And surely Just Loan is a good example of this use.